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Toyota Supra A90

Toyota is a renowned company recognized for manufacturing great and affordable cars. Among all their top models out in the market, is the Toyota Supra. With its first entry into the market in 1978, the Supra model has come a long way.

But just how good is the Toyota Supra now? And how do the old versions compare with the new? Let’s dive in!


As one of Toyota’s most successful sports cars, The Supra model significantly impacted the sports car industry until its discontinuation in 2002. The drop was caused by a drastic decline in sales and unresolved fuel efficiency standards. While everyone thought they had seen the last of the legendary car, it bounced back in 2019 better than ever, quickly becoming a fan favorite for drivers looking for a thrilling experience.

While we can say that newer cars manifest the most recent tech features, let’s not abandon the old Supras. The models of the Supra released since its market entry are:


  • First generation (1978) – A40/A50 (Toyota Celica Supra)
  • Second generation (1981) – Supra A60 (Toyota Celica Supra)
  • Third generation (1986) – A70 (Toyota Supra)
  • Fourth generation (1992) – A80 (Toyota Supra Turbo)
  • Fifth generation (2019) – (2021 Toyota Supra)


A closer look into the old and newer versions reveals the massive journey the model has gone through and the changes that make a difference.



In terms of engine performance, the progress is unmatched. The first model, the Supra A40 / A50, came with a 2.0L inline-six engine. This model was able to produce 123 horsepower and used electronic fuel injection.

Over time, Toyota was able to equip new models with better engines. A variant of the A80, the final model made before it was discontinued, included a twin-charged turbo engine that generated 276 horsepower and 318 lb-ft of torque.

While this might have been an impressive performance for its time, it is not comparable with the 2021 model, which has an impressive 382 horsepower and 368 pound-feet of torque. 

Another significant difference is that the newer Supra models only offer an automatic transmission. This is tricky considering that a meaningful distinction of a typical sports car is the manual transmission system. All old models of the Supra are manual transmission cars.

Toyota Supra A80


The fact that Toyota was the only company that constructed the prior Supras is a significant distinction in terms of construction style. BMW, though, is in charge of developing the new models. Only a few components, like the suspension and body design, are still made by Toyota for the Supra model. 


Drivers familiar with the latest BMW sports cars will quickly notice the similarities the new Supra models share. Unlike the current supra models, which have the infotainment screen for audio, video, and GPS navigation, the older ones had a more driver’s focused control system on the dashboard. All features in the car were controlled by buttons, which is interesting to know because cars did not have touch screens back then. 

Overall, this all boils down to preference. If you favor the simple style of the of the old sports car and similar controls, then the old supra is just the ride for you. If you want a vehicle that reflects the 22nd-century sports car and looks comparable with other popular models like Chevrolet and Porshe, then the newer models are the right choice.

Amongst all the Supras Toyota has released so far, the A80 Supra released in 1994 remains the most popular model they have ever released. The popularity of the Supra has declined over the years due to the stop in production. One thing is clear now; the Toyota Supra is back to stay and it’s already competing with other top cars in the market.


Ghana is full of surprises and though many may not have seen the new Toyota Supra 2022 model on the streets, someone has one somewhere. One of our teammates spotted the MKV Supra at the port not very long ago.

The older supra model is rare, but it is possible to get your hands on one in car dealerships with old sports cars in stock or at auctions. Sites like offer some old models for sale at great prices.


We will do more comparisons like this in the future! Be sure to stay updated by following our Blogs and Guide pages.


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