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Top 5 Places to Buy Luxury Cars in Ghana

There are lots of places where you can buy vehicles in Ghana. But when it comes to luxury vehicles, you have to be extra careful. If you are looking for a great place to buy a luxury car, we will share some of our favorites with you in this post. 

This company is one of the biggest and oldest car suppliers in Ghana. Silver Star Auto started its operation in 1996, as a supplier of luxury brands and now has three branches in Ghana. The company is at Silver Star Tower complex, airport city, Ghana. Though, you can contact them to visit their branch in Tema, Kumasi, or Accra. Silver Star Auto sells sedans, SUVs, vans, and trucks. Apart from selling cars, they organize car shows and offer after-sales and repair services. They have a rating of 4.3 from more than 900 patrons.

This auto shop is a famous luxury car broker in Ghana. It is located in East Legon Hills and sells different luxury and sports car brands. Kelly B offers car rentals and repair services in their workshop at affordable prices. It has 4.7 ratings online and positive reviews from customers.

Land Rover Ghana is a luxury auto shop that deals with the Jaguar and Range Rover brands. The Auto Shop is at Grand Oyeeman, 37 liberation Road Accra in Ghana. They offer maintenance and repair services to their customers, and amazing packages when you buy a Jaguar or Land Rover from them. Land rover Ghana has online ratings of 4.6.

This auto shop offers services on anything related to cars. Located at MV69+62G Ogbojo Junction Accra, Samgetrude Auto Ltd sells all European brands of sports and luxury cars along with their spare parts. They also repair and import pre-order cars for their customers and ship them to any location in Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa. The auto shop has a 5-star rating online and positive reviews from satisfied clients.

Stoub Ltd’s showroom is located at 34 Spintex Rd, Accra, Ghana. They have a premium showroom with the latest luxury cars and good sales representatives. Stoub also offers repair and maintenance services to its customers. With an online rating of 4.6, stub Ltd is among the best luxury car auto shops in Ghana.  There are many other credible auto shops where you can buy luxury cars, we selected these to help you get started. 

When you buy from a good Auto Shop, you get warranties, they offer after-sales servicing and regular maintenance among other things. These are some of the best luxury auto shops in Ghana, and we will continue to bring you more.


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