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Vision System Purpose and Types

Vision systems are tools that can assist us in improving our situational awareness while driving; such as visible light cameras or more advanced detection systems such as LIDAR (light detecting and ranging). Vision system technology is very beneficial in many ways, but how exactly does it work in cars? What type is in your vehicle? Find out all this below!

The most commonly used type of vision system is the automotive night vision system. It used a thermographic camera to increase a driver’s perception and see more clearly in darkness or poor weather beyond the reach of the vehicle’s headlights. 

The vision system is the central part of cars that perceive their surroundings and decide on the actions required to maintain safety on the road. Co-piloting and then fully automating a car needs technology with precise reliability, safety, and security. Currently, the night vision system is working in more and more cars as time progresses

While selecting the right vision system, it is essential to compare the capabilities of different vision applications. There are many types of vision systems, some examples are:

Analyzes a digital signal one line at a time instead of looking at a whole picture simultaneously, for example, assessing the difference between the most recent group of ten acquired lines and an earlier group.

Today’s inspection cameras perform area scans that capture 2D snapshots in various resolutions. Another type of 2D machine vision–line scan–builds a 2D image that includes line-by-line pictures.

cameras contain a rectangular-shaped sensor that captures an image in a single frame. The image will have a width and height that directly corresponds to the number of pixels on the sensor.

cameras only assist a single row of pixels and build the final image pixel line by pixel line.

3D Vision Systems

3D machine vision systems cannot only see their environment but also calculate where an object is located and its direction. These systems typically have multiple cameras or one or more laser displacement sensors.

Vision system technology provides more safety in the following form:

  • The driver can see the view of the outside world, over which is projected the information that will keep them safe. This may include the corners of the road surface and nearby traffic along with important navigation information, which can provide the driver with advanced knowledge of potential hazards.
  • Engineers at the Institute of Technology based in Massachusetts have developed a system that can sense tiny changes in shadows on the ground to determine if a moving object is coming around the corner to improve safety for autonomous vehicles. 

The first vehicle vision systems were family car reversing cameras that improved safety when manoeuvring confined spaces. But now, the reduced size and outstanding capabilities of modern cameras and sensors make them key to the latest intelligent vehicles.

The first time the most famous automotive night vision technology was introduced in 2000 for Cadillac Ville luxury cars.

Some most popular cars that have vision systems are below:

  • Audi 
  • BMW 
  • Cadillac
  • Mercedes
  • Benz 
  • Maybach

In Ghana, Kantanka automobile company has built such types of cars that have night vision systems. Many other vehicles with these vision systems, such as BMW, Audi, etc. are also present in Ghana.

As they say, , “technology is the future” . Artificial intelligence and many other types of tech are at the forefront of innovation today. Some of these  innovations focus on advancing car systems that will help the driver drive safely. 

Curious to know how a vision system helps you to drive more safely ? Check out this blog and our other blogs about automotive technologies. 


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