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How to Prevent Car Accidents

Car accidents are one of the most common occurrences on public roads. Despite the government’s strict sanctions on road traffic violations, car accidents still rank quite high on Ghana’s list for causes of death. In this post we will discuss the causes of car accidents and how to prevent them.

According to Statista road accident statistics for 2020, 20,408 vehicles were involved in car accidents, 12,096 were crashes and 12,380 were injured. Fatality counts show that children and adults below the age of 40 make up 60% of deaths by road accidents. 

For example, Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra records a 62% casualty rate in emergencies for road accidents alone. This is unacceptable, considering most of these accidents are because of speeding, drunk driving, and driving faulty vehicles.

Many factors contribute to road accidents in the country, here are some common causes;

Many drivers multitask while driving, which can have huge consequences. Although the brain can multitask, driving requires your full attention in case something sudden occurs. Refrain from texting, reading, or answering the phone while driving, because someone could be crossing the road or the car in front of you may have stopped. Driving should be the main focus and other activities can be tackled when you get to your destination. For example, you texting and someone mistakenly walks in front of your vehicle, you might be slow to stop the vehicle. 

Drunk driving leads to a quarter of road accidents. Alcohol slows down your reaction time which makes you feel as though you’re reaching an object slower than you think. You can order a cab or taxi or better still, call a friend that’s not drunk to drive you home.

Speeding to your destination may get you there on time, but it can cost a life if you are involved in an accident. Preparing or leaving early for your destination will save you from speeding unnecessarily.

On the road, everyone has a destination, and driving recklessly will not get you there any faster. Driving within your lane and obeying traffic laws will ensure you arrive at your destination safely and keep police officers from stopping you.

Patience can be the difference between an accident and getting to your destination alive. Most drivers ignore the traffic signs and end up causing accidents and injuring other road users or bystanders. Wait for the green light before crossing the intersection, going around a road curve or moving the car from one point to another.

At night, a driver’s line of sight is greatly reduced and the empty road should not encourage you to drive recklessly. Speeding or driving in the wrong lane can cause accidents. If you can avoid driving at night then do so, but if not, drive safely and cautiously. 

Road signs are not decorations but rather warnings to inform the driver to be cautious. As road users, following the road signs on the road can prevent you from injuring yourself or others.

 It’s your responsibility as a road user to follow the correct traffic rules and regulations. In obeying these laws, you will safeguard yourself and other road users.

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