How To Go Car Spotting

Welcome to SuperCarsGH where we talk about everything automobile, we love supercars and we love to go car spotting. It’s something else when you hear the majestic Brabus G Wagon sounding so smooth as it growls when driving by. You want that moment to last so you take a picture or record it so you can relive the moment.

Hanging out on a Sunday Afternoon

In this post, we are going to tell you about car spotting in Ghana. Supercars’ host and teammate Timothy Sintim-Aboagye went out with our Shoot crew on Sunday for car spotting and while they were out, Timothy shared some tips on the art of car spotting.

Airport Shell Is A Good Place To Spot Car

Tim presented in front of the Airport shell, which is one of the best places to spot cars. 

Car spotting is an art and car enthusiasts go to the extent of investing in expensive camera equipment to capture exotic cars driving by or taking still pictures.

Do Car Spotters Make Money?

Considering this, one may ask, do car spotters make money? The answer mostly is a big fat NO. Most car spotters do it out of love and passion for the art. The passion for presenting exotic cars from their perspective.

The Angles Matter

To be a good car spotter, you have to know what the proper angles are, to be able to capture cars, whether they are moving or parked.

Car Spotting is An Art Form

This form of art is a new world to a lot of people. It’s something you have to have a passion for, for example, if you see a McLaren 720 S parked at a location, I should be able to capture it in a way that would make the audience like the picture that being. 

Notable Car spotters in Accra

The art form is growing in the country and there are so many of us in Ghana, especially in Accra.  There is Dronerjay, SupercarsGH, Carsuspectgh, and many others. 

Picking the Right Location

If you are going car spotting, you have to pick the right location. The locations we recommend are Airport Shell, Cantonments, the Airport, and the N1 (hit or miss because it’s not a general route everyone uses) These are just a few of the locations where you can spot very interesting cars.

What Equipment Do You Need to be Able to Spot a Car?

To be a car spotter, you don’t have to have fancy camera equipment, you can start with your iPhone, Samsung, Infinix, or Vivo, any phone that has good camera quality will work for car spotting. However if you can afford it, you can get a Canon EOS M50, GoPro, or any of the many professional cameras on the market.

Car Spotting Etiquette

If you see an exotic car that piques your interest and want to take a snapshot or video, there are some rules you must follow. We call this car spotting etiquette.

You see this car, you want to take a photo, you visualize all the nice shots you want to take, but before you commence taking your great shots, you must be courteous and request permission from the owner before you take the picture.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is the privacy of the car owner, not every car owner wants their car to be public. With this in mind, you want to blur out their car’s numbers to protect the privacy of the owner of the car you took the picture of. 

Some owners don’t mind, but it is polite to ask first and if they don’t mind, then you are free to take a picture or video and share it.

We are going car spotting on Sunday, come check it out on Instagram.


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