First Look at the New Ferrari 296 GT3

The Prancing Horse has a new champion in GT racing. A mid-rear-engined twin-turbo beast, the new Ferrari 296 GT3 features a V-shaped powertrain and futuristic interior encased within a perfectly sculpted carbon-fibre body, making it perfect for racing.

Ferrari 296 GT3

Maranello’s Ferrari has produced a roaring machine perfect for gentleman drivers and racing athletes alike. Modelled after the road-going Ferrari 296 GTB, the new GT3 is the thoroughbred horse for GT endurance and speed.

Specs at a glance:

  • 24-valve V-6 engine
  • 600 HP
  • 712 Nm Max Torque
  • 2992 cc
  • 6-speed transverse sequential gearbox
  • E-clutch actuator


To meet GT regulations, the new Ferrari has relinquished the GTB’s hybrid powertrain in favour of a menacing 600 HP, 3.0L engine. With a V-6 engine situated lower and farther forward inside a 120-degree V-design, and the new prancing horse has a lower centre of gravity. 

The redesign of the Berlinetta concept reduces the car’s mass, making it compact and better situated on a racetrack than its road-going twin. For better performance, the new turbochargers boost efficiency by some 24%.

Ferrari fitted the 296 GT3 with a new 6-speed magnesium-case gearbox and single-disc clutch mounted on the steering wheel for easy access. The alternator attached to the gearbox upgrades the car’s rigidity and makes it easily accessible for technicians. It also improves the car’s weight distribution, improving the race car’s pace and stability.

The Ferrari 296 GT3 replaces the outgoing Ferrari 488 GT3 and has huge wheels to fill. With more than 100 titles in almost 500 victories, the 488 was the most successful Ferrari in GT history. 

Ferrari 488 GT3

To maintain this winning pace, the new Ferrari boasts better fuel economy and a more rigid mass. 

Ferrari’s Competizione GT engineers have improved handling by reducing drag to boost performance on the racecourse. A completely new wheel and new wishbone suspension design mark a move away from the 488 GT3 wheel design. 

The new design amplifies performance without stressing the tires. Despite a wider chassis, the new Ferrari is lighter at 1,250 KG (vs 1,475 KG). The culmination of Competizione GT’s engineering prowess is that the Ferrari 296 GT3 produces 20% greater downforce than its predecessor. 

The interior is a revamp of its older sibling as well. An adjustable, ergonomic steering wheel dominates the cockpit, an intuitive and accessible design brings all functions within reach, providing the driver with more control.

For increased safety, the Ferrari 296 GT3 features a new ultra-strong roll cage to shield the driver during a collision. A hatch in the aluminium roof provides easy access to extricate the driver when necessary.

The Ferrari 296 GT3 will make its debut at the Rolex 24 At DAYTONA in 2023. The 24-hour endurance race kicks off the yearly IMSA SportsCar Championship. The race car will also challenge in various GT race events around the world including the following:

  • IMSA Championship
  • GT World Challenge America, 
  • GT World Challenge Europe
  • Le Mans Cup

Like all Grand Touring cars, the Ferrari 296 GT3 belongs on a race course. It is much more likely to spot the 296 GTB from which it was modeled. The sleek-bodied, 8-speed engine has enough roar to send your pulse into overdrive.

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