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Everyone’s car can develop a fault at any time. It could be a minor problem you can fix yourself or something that requires a mechanic. Dealing with a problem as soon as it arises ensures your safety and guarantees your vehicle’s longevity.  

It is easier to prevent or fix common problems when you know what causes them. So, among the long list of car troubles drivers experience, we want to discuss 5 of them. We will find out how to identify them and how to handle them.



The first problem we will look at is overheating. You may have experienced this problem or seen someone parked by the side of the road with smoke gushing out of the car engine. When your car has an overheating problem, here are some of the signs you might see:

  • A scorching engine (noticeable from the hood).
  • Coolant dripping under the vehicle.
  • The engine is smoking profusely


Overheating is usually caused by a problem with the vehicle’s cooling system. This problem prevents heat from escaping the engine compartment. Other causes can be a defective radiator fan, a damaged water pump in the engine, or a loose coolant hose.

If your vehicle begins to overheat, switch off the AC and anything else that is stressing the engine.

Be sure to park your car and let it cool off. The first thing to do is check your coolant fluid to see if there is a leak or run down. If not, you must take your car to a mechanic to diagnose the problem.

Car problem - Overheating


Another common problem that’s very common for drivers is the infamous flat tire. A flat tire is when your tire loses air. While the most common cause of a flat tire is a puncture, other reasons can include wear and tear from prolonged use, valve stem leakage, and extreme heat conditions.

A spare tire is essential to have on hand in case your tire goes flat.  Therefore, keeping one in the trunk of your car at all times can help you solve this problem. Unlike other car ailments, a flat tire generally has no warning sign. 

The solution is to be prepared. As a vehicle owner and driver, you must know how to replace a flat tire. You should always have the necessary tools in your car to change tires.

And finally, you must always have a spare tire in your boot, just in case. Once you replace your flat tire, remember to take the flat one to your mechanic to fix it for you.

Car problem - Flat Tires


The third common car problem we will discuss is faulty AC. While a broken AC won’t affect the essential use of the vehicle, it can make your ride uncomfortable, especially if the weather is hot.

Your car’s AC may cease to function for a variety of reasons. For example, a coolant line leak or a compressor problem can impact the AC unit.

When you find your car air conditioner or heater isn’t working correctly, you should first ensure your car’s air vents aren’t clogged. Dust and grime can accumulate in the vents over time, affecting airflow. 

Other issues that might cause your AC or heat to cease functioning include leaks, compressor problems, a faulty cooling fan, condenser, or radiator.

If you start observing any AC problems, take your car to a mechanic to identify and fix the problem.

Car problem - Air conditioning stops working


Car batteries going dead is next on our list of common car problems. When a car battery no longer generates electricity, it can’t power your car. The cause could be that it is old (in use for over four years). It’s possible to deplete your car battery by leaving your headlights on while the engine is off.

If your battery connections are loose or faulty, that could also cause your battery to be inactive. 

Another reason why your car battery could go dead is extreme temperatures.

If your battery dies, the most common way to revive it is to jump-start it. You can do this by using jumper cables and another car battery ( a live one). Another alternative is to replace your battery with a live one, start your engine and keep it on, and then switch your battery back.

Car problem - Car battery depleted


Last on our list is not as common as the other problems but is the most dangerous. This is when, your car slowly moves away from where you’re steering it. There are many possible causes for this problem.

The most common one is wrong wheel alignment or uneven pressure on the front tires of your vehicle. 

Keeping the steering wheel straight for a time as you drive is a simple way to tell whether your automobile has a terrible alignment. If the alignment is off, you’ll need to fix it.

Car problem - Off Wheel alignment

These are the most prevalent problems that car owners may encounter. Some of these aren’t too dangerous but make sure to take your car in for regular maintenance checks so that you don’t get any unpleasant surprises from your car.

If you don’t, these issues can accumulate over time and cause severe harm to you and your car.


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