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Vehicle Road Worthiness: Is It Necessary?

To drive freely in Ghana, there are required documents you must have. As a new driver, you may think you only need a license, but there’s more. Your car has to have a valid number plate, it has to pass the roadworthiness test and you also have to have car insurance.

We are going to zoom in on the roadworthiness certification process and find out why it’s necessary.

Roadworthiness is a standard all vehicles in the country have to have before they are allowed to drive on Ghanaian roads. For your car to be roadworthy, it must function properly and be safe for driving. In this country, the DVLA is in charge of issuing roadworthiness certificates, and all drivers are expected to have one. This ensures that vehicles moving on the road are in good condition and meet the road traffic agency standards; to prevent accidents caused by faulty cars.

You should apply for a road worthiness certificate when you’ve registered your vehicle and obtained a driver’s license. Without this document, you are not permitted to drive in Ghana. You can be fined for not having a road worthiness certificate and if you are not able to pay the fine, you can be jailed.

Roadworthy certificate prices for private, commercial, and bus owners are different. Private car owners are required to pay GH₵100 while commercial vehicle owners pay GH₵300. Owners of buses have to pay GH₵500. 

  • If your car components are not secured or mounted properly.
  • If your car brake components have a tear, damage, or distortion.
  • If your car does not have spare tires or broken lamp glasses and front windscreen.

If your car does not meet the required DVLA standards, it won’t be allowed to drive. If you are seen driving the vehicle that failed the test, it will be confiscated and you will be fined. You can be arraigned before a court of law. If you are found to have forged a roadworthy certificate, you will be jailed if found guilty. 

It’s important to have your car tested before you get on the road with it for your own safety and for the safety of the road users you may encounter. This way getting your car tested by the DVLA will just be a secondary step for you because you have already done your homework. The process is simple and does not take more than 2 days for verification and inspection.

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