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Teammate Drama: Friction Over the Airwaves at Red Bull

If you have been an avid fan of Formula 1 for many years, friction between teammates would not be surprising. We were treated to an all-new but unexpected chapter in teammate friction during the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend, as the Red Bull teammates came to blows. Want to find out what happened? Then, you will have to stay with us until the end.

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Teammate Drama: Friction Over the Airwaves at Red Bull

What Exactly Happened?

In the final lap of the 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix, World Champion Max Verstappen was asked to hand P6 to his teammate Sergio Perez to aid the Mexican drivers’ battle for second place in the championship with Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc. However, Verstappen refused this order, stating that he “had his reasons”.

Perez then sarcastically fired back, saying, “Thanks for that guys” and “He showed who he is”. This has set the F1 world into a frenzy, leading to many speculative theories about what led to this situation.

What Caused The Drama?

Many sources have come up with the theory that this drama ties into what happened a few rounds ago during the Monaco Grand Prix weekend. During the final run of the qualifying session, Sergio Perez crashed, bringing out the red flags and bringing the session to a premature end.

This abruptly ended Verstappen’s quick lap, relegating him to 4 on the starting grid. The Dutchman finished the race in P3, while Perez went on to claim his maiden Monaco Grand Prix victory. This incident seems to have sparked a grudge in the mind of Verstappen, which influenced his actions last Sunday.

Teammate Drama: Friction Over the Airwaves at Red Bull

Is History Repeating Itself?

Red Bull has a history of heated rivalries between teammates. The best example is the ‘Multi 21’ incident that happened during the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix. There, Sebastian Vettel ignored team orders to hold position and battled with his teammate Mark Webber for the race lead. 

Some people have even drawn comparisons to the Hamilton – Rosberg rivalry. If that is where this is headed, Red Bull will surely have a hard time managing their two star drivers in their time together going forward.

What To Expect Going Forward?

As we head into the 2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Perez sits level on 290 with Leclerc. Although Verstappen has gone on record to say that the beef is now over, it remains to be how the World Champion’s actions will affect his teammate’s future.

Teammate Drama: Friction Over the Airwaves at Red Bull

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