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Magic Carpet Feel” – What Makes The C4 So Comfortable and Smooth

What Makes The C4 So Comfortable and Smooth

Comfort is a leading factor to consider when purchasing a new family SUV, and the Citroën C4 Cactus has an innovative suspension system that provides just that.

This stylish family SUV comes with what the manufacturer calls Progressive Hydraulic Cushions™ (PHC). Extensive research has gone into the creation of this system, requiring over 20 patent filings during the development process.

All The Cool Features Of The Citroën C4 Cactus’s Center Screen

C4 Cactus safety

The Citroën C4 Cactus comes with all the bells and whistles of a modern SUV that you can dream of, and the 7-inch touchscreen on the center console acts as a testament to that.

This infotainment system is filled to the brim with the latest in entertainment and safety features.

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