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Suzuki Jimny is the king of the jungle

Suzuki Jimny is the king of the jungle. 

A compact SUV with a 1.5L engine, the Jimny is a low-consumption all-terrain vehicle for daring adventures. The made-for-jungle off-roader stands some 210mm above ground on strong steel rims. Coil springs on each wheel allows the SUV to easily manoeuvre rocky roads, muddy pits, dense forests, and tough mountainous slopes. There is an auxiliary gear to lift you out of tight spots too.

There is little distraction inside the Jimny. Suzuki prioritized utility, but there is an overdrive button on the automatic stick to provide additional horsepower.

Jimny is available at CFAO for $24,000 with a 20,000km warranty and free DVLA registration.


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