A license plate holds relevant information about the vehicles they are on. All the numbers and alphabets on the license plate have their particular representations. Let’s look closer to understand what they mean and how we can read them.



The current number plate format has been used since 2009. It is required by the law that; license plates are always displayed on vehicles when they are driven on public roads or property.

A typical Ghanaian license plate includes a four-digit numeric code, a two-digit year code, and a two-letter region code. Let’s show you how it goes:


REGION CODE (two letters at the beginning of the car number)

You can find two letters preceding the numeric figures indicating the region in Ghana where the vehicle obtained registration.

These are the regional code includes:

AS, AE, AW = Ashanti Region

BA = Brong-Ahafo Region

CR = Central Region

ER = Eastern Region

GR, GC, GE, GL, GM, GN, GT, GS, GW, GY, GX = All used for Greater Accra Region

NR = Northern Region

UE = Upper East Region*

UW = Upper West Region*

VR = Volta Region

WR = Western Region


THE FOUR DIGIT NUMERIC CODE (after the regional code)

These four-digit numerical codes are assigned to every vehicle. They aim to distinguish other vehicles registered in the same area and year. The number range given per vehicle is from 1 to 9999. 

Look at this example:

If I am the first person to buy a car in Ghana in a particular year, then the supposed four-digit code at my car number will bear the ‘1’ digit.

If I am the 2050th person to buy a vehicle, the number will be ‘2050’. Coupled with my location in the Volta region, my license plate will look something like this:


This four-digit code ranges from 1 to 9999.



After the four-digit numeric code is the year code, this is a two-digit number at the end of the sequence. The year of registration for a vehicle is shown here by the last two digits of the year. Thus, 2012 would be marked as 12, 2020 would be 20, and 2009 would be 09. When we combine the regional code with the four-digit numeric code and the two-digit code, we get a car’s license plate number duly registered in Ghana.

For example: ER – 2035 -24,  GR – 1980 – 21, UW – 1006 – 22 and so on.


There are some exceptions regarding the number plate format of vehicles in Ghana. Some of them are the codes DV and DP.



DV is an acronym for defective vehicles. These are temporary license plates given to specific car owners for quick activities involving their vehicles. These license plates are usually offered to vehicle makers, vehicle testers, and people who deal in vehicle trades. The DV is only valid for a year. 

DP stands for Drive from the port. This phrase means a temporary plate that assists the user for a defined duration and a specific activity. It also comes with a log book, which should include entries about the vehicle’s movement and the driver’s personal information. A DP plate is only valid for ten days.



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There is so much more that goes into registering a vehicle and getting a license plate in Ghana. This article is just a summary of how it works. Check how much it will cost to import your supercar into Ghana now.


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