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Kelly B Motors: Popular Car Dealership in Accra

Buying a car is a dream most people hold in high esteem. Owning a car allows you to enjoy the freedom of movement at will, but getting that dream fulfilled can be quite stressful depending on many things. You need to factor in your budget, what kind of car and a ton of other factors. One of the more important factors to keep in mind though is which dealership you buy from.

This is because buying from the wrong dealership can affect how much upkeep and maintenance you have to do on your car. So, dealership selection is of high importance for satisfaction. Today, we are putting the spotlight on Kelly B Motors, a car sales outlet on the Nanakrom Road, near East Legon Hills.

Kelly B (Kelly Bright) Motors is a car dealership that offers customers new and used vehicles, and offers car swaps as well. Kelly B houses everything you need, whether you want a car for personal, business, or corporate use. Through their network of car dealers, the dealership can still meet your needs even if they do not have your preferred car at the time. Typical shipping time, according to Kelly Bright, is four weeks. Kelly B has a service shop for regular servicing, repairs, and car upgrades, and in addition to car sales, the brand helps customers to do all necessary car documentation.

Kelly Bright founded Kelly B motors to help Ghanaians acquire the car of their dreams without the conventional stress related to the experience. Kelly started small with less expensive vehicles, but as his business grew, he expanded and opened a full-fledged dealership with various celebrities as its regular customers.

When the famous American rapper Cardi B visited Ghana, Kelly B Motors was responsible for transporting her entourage to the Kempinski Hotel, where she spent the night. Over the years, the brand has served hundreds of Ghanaians and celebrities, including Shatta Wale, Kelvynboy, Captain Planet, Medikal, KiDi, Sister Derby, and Criss Waddle. Most celebrities either buy for personal use or rent for music video shoots. As a typical example, the famous Mercedes Benz gifted from Medikal to his now wife, Fella Makafui, was delivered by Kelly B motors.

Although the brand has been tagged as a celebrity dealership, the manager maintains that they are ready to serve everyone, and getting your car from them makes you a celebrity. They are located at East Legon Hills and are open every day, including Sundays. 

Kelly B Motors Company Profile

Location: East Legon Hills


Instagram: Kelly_B_Motors


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