Here’s why the Renault Koleos should be your next family car - and why it’s our car of the month

The premium SUV segment has seen a boom in popularity in recent years. The promise of a spacious interior with heaps of legroom, a high riding position, and heaps of ground clearance is irresistible for most car lovers. If you are a car aficionado, here’s why the our “Car of the month” for January – the Renault Koleos is one vehicle that deserves your attention.

What Makes The Koleos Better Than The Competition

If you are a gearhead, you already know that there is an abundance of family SUVs on the market. But, there are several aspects where the Koleos stand head and shoulders above the competition. On the exterior, it shares the familiar yet eye-catching Renault design language. The Renault crest stands boldly in the front, complemented by chrome accents throughout. 

Renault Koleos Exterior

The smart looks continue at the rear as well. In addition to the exciting rear light design, the Koleos is equipped with rear parking sensors, a power-opening tailgate, and one of the best camera systems that make it one of the most technologically advanced SUVs. A full-length glass roof at the top is another distinctive feature of this French SUV.

The Koleos has the upper hand in its competition in both performance and interior features. Keen to know more? Then, follow along to the next section.

What’s under the hood?

Pop the hood of the Koleos, and you’ll find either a 1.6-liter or a 2.0-liter diesel engine. The smaller powerplant makes 130 horsepower and will get around an impressive 50 mpg if you drive it carefully. However, if you want a more exciting drive, the larger 177-horsepower engine is the way to go.

Renault Koleos Engine

If you are serious about taking your luxury SUV off-road, you can have it equipped with Renault’s All-Mode 4×4-i technology. This impressive technology allows the Koleos to seamlessly switch between the 2WD mode for city driving and the 4×4(lock) mode when you go off the beaten path. Moreover, if you leave it in auto mode, the vehicle will switch between modes intelligently. A CVT automatic is the standard transmission, and the soft suspension will make traveling feel more comfortable than ever.

How about the interior?

The feature-rich interior is another area where the Koleos shines. The Koleos can comfortably seat five adults and has best-in-class rear knee room at a width of 289 mm. In addition, the doors can open at an angle exceeding 70 degrees on both the front and rear, making getting in and out of the SUV a breeze.

Renault Koleos Interior

The leather-clad steering wheel is sure to make driving a breeze, as does many  other driver-aid technologies. A Bose surround sound system made for audiophiles will surely make the journey aboard the Koleos more enjoyable, and who can forget the R-Link 2 infotainment system? The large 8.7 center touch screen acts as a hub for all vehicle controls, including the multimedia system, driver aids, safety features as well as all other creature comforts.

Renault Koleos Interior

How much does it cost?

Are you considering the Koleos to be your next family car? Then, you must be overjoyed when we say that it is one of the most reasonably priced SUVs out on the market. The starting price is around $33000, and you can have a top-of-the-range model for only $45000.

Renault Koleos Offroad

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