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In F1 motor racing, comebacks happen when a driver comes from far behind  to either win or finish as a runner-up in a race. As it happens in many sports, these are unpredictable but very entertaining. Below, you will see five famous Formula One comebacks in the history of F1 motor racing.

Let’s start with the Canadian Grand Prix (GP) F1 race 2011, arranged in no particular order.


1. JENSON BUTTON, McLaren-Mercedes

Famously known as one of the longest races in F1 racing history, Jenson Button’s 2011 Canadian GP victory was a sight to behold.

With a lineup of proficient drivers, fans were looking forward to the race. However, a heavy downpour left the racetrack slippery, leading to accidents and driver collisions.

Jenson Button, who was the last to reach mid-point, was not an early standout and appeared as a competitor aiming for mid-position.

His mastery and skillful control of the car on the wet track, evading and twisting within the Gilles Villeneuve circuit earned him a chance to propel forward after he overtook Sebastian Vettel on the last lap of the race. 

JENSON BUTTON, McLaren-Mercedes

2. SERGIO PEREZ, Racing Point-BWT Mercedes

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, when most activities were remote, Formula One spectators had to watch the race at home.

Although fans were not present, the race was entertaining. One of the headlined topics was Sergio Perez’s surprising win in the Sakhir GP, earning him his first-ever F1 victory and Racing Point’s first win as a constructor.

On this day, his victory made him the first Mexican F1 racer to win a GP since Pedro Rodriguez. The race took place on a maiden circuit layout, with lead racer George Russell dominating through the laps.

However, the surprise came when George Russell’s tyre got punctured and stopped for a pit-stop error on lap 69. Sergio took the lead and held it till the finish line.

SERGIO PEREZ, Racing Point-BWT Mercedes

3. KIMI RAIKKONEN, McLaren Mercedes

The comeback victory of Kimi Raikkonen during the Suzuka 2005 Grand Prix is another famous back-to-top story.

Kimi Raikkonen, a driver with a cool persona, earning the nickname “the iceman’’, on this day showcased his superb driving skills. His victory came after he did a record-breaking turn around the outside of turn 1 on the final lap, flitting past Giancarlo Fisichella in the last lap to claim victory.

KIMI RAIKKONEN, McLaren Mercedes


Lewis Hamilton, a well-known name and a record-breaking F1 driver comeback victory in the 2018 British Grand Prix, is a joy to remember.

His collision with Kimi Raikkonen made him lose momentum, falling behind. From start to finish, he showed determination and tenacity- not bending to pressure when left behind. His driving skills and sheer will, made him finish second as a runner-up to Sebastian Vettel.


5. SERGIO PEREZ, Red Bull Racing Honda

In the history of F1 victory comebacks, Sergio Perez is on the list of drivers with great comebacks stories to tell; the 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix is an example.

Finishing 11th in qualifying, he came to this race competing for the top spot. But the unimaginable happened when his car stopped at the formation lap, en route to the grid- due to electrical issues. This led to an additional formation lap and Perez starting in last place from the pitlane.

Everyone thought Sergio would be out, but he proved himself among the ranks of comeback kings by finishing fifth.

SERGIO PEREZ, Red Bull Racing Honda

In summary, F1 comeback stories always upset predictions. Many of these are not listed above because we only spoke of our favorite five.

There are many stories of comeback drivers driving their cars to unseen victories, and we are sure there will be more in the years to come.

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