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CAR WASHING GUIDE FEATURING OXFORD STREET SHELL interviews the Oxford Street Shell about car washing.

Whether in leisure, running errands, or just doing day-to-day activities, a car is already a part of people’s daily lives. And as a car owner, it is essential to think about its well-being. As much as how a car makes your life better, you also have to take good care of it and bring it in for auto detailing or a car wash.

However, what is the difference between auto/car detailing and a car wash? An auto/car detailing is cleaning both the exterior and interior of your vehicle, including a car wash. While a car wash, based on its name, is simply washing your car’s exterior. 

But regardless of the simplicity a car wash entails, do you know that it is essential and beneficial for you to get your car washed regularly? Here are five reasons why:

  1. It protects the paint on your car. You are clearing away road dirt and salt, dust, mud, and acid rain, which causes rust and corrosion to your car. Waxing after a car wash will also protect your car from the harmful ultraviolet rays that could damage the paint on your car.
  2. It helps hold onto the resale value of your car. Keeping your car well-maintained by going to the car wash will pay off once you settle to sell or trade it in; it helps preserve its value because, as mentioned on #1, a car wash protects the paint on your car and maintain its mint condition.
  3. It promotes better fuel efficiency. Accumulated dirt in your car generates drag which causes it to burn more fuel. It is proven and tested that a clean car is 10% more fuel-efficient than a dirty one.
  4. It averts the spread of bacteria and viruses. You bring your kids to school, go to work, or any public place that exposes your car to bacteria and viruses, which make you spread those into your home. Also, with COVID-19 still going on these days, getting a regular car wash is already as good as protecting your loved ones from immediate harm.
  5. It keeps you safe. More than just looking good or boosting your confidence with having a clean car, it is also crucial to consider your safety. A car caked with dirt or mud or dust impacts your ability to see, which could be dangerous, particularly on a sunny day, that can cause a glare. You need to keep the windshield, windows, rear windows, and side mirrors clear and clean is necessary to keep you safe while driving.


Apart from these, there are also things you need to consider before getting a car wash, and they are:

  • Cost of the car wash. Before getting a car wash, a professional car wash at that, one of the things you need to consider is its cost knowing that there are still things you need in your budget list. Depending on whether it is an automatic, touchless, or handwash type of car wash, and depending on the size of your car, the cost you need to shell out to get a car wash is around $10 to $30. It isn’t much if you consider the importance and benefits of getting a car wash.
  •  DIY vs. a professional car wash. Washing your car at home is cheaper than getting a professional car wash outside. At the same time, the initial cost of purchasing the supplies you need takes more of your time and effort. Washing your car at home uses your physical action, takes your time for leisure, and uses some tools, not to mention is not eco-friendly since it would require ten times the amount of water needed for a car wash. On the other hand, a professional car wash can only take 3 minutes to an hour and would use less water depending on which type of car wash service you get. Professional/commercial car wash is also legally bound to dispose of their wastewater properly into the sewer system, contrary to washing your car on your lawn which could enter and contaminate the rivers, lakes, or ocean. 
  • The right time to bring your car for a car wash and how often you should get one. Getting your car washed doesn’t need rocket science, nor a particular time you need to follow strictly. It is advisable to get a car wash at least twice every two weeks; however, getting it once every week is better if you have some time to spare. You don’t want to jeopardize the condition of your car by not getting a regular car wash; how much more is your safety. You also don’t want that road dirt and salt, mud, and dust to linger in the exterior of your car and potentially damage its paint and lower its value. 
  • The best place to get a car wash. One of the many things you’d ask yourself before getting a professional car wash is, “Where should I go?” It is understandable because you only want to get the best service for your car and your money’s worth. If you are in Accra, you can go to Oxford Street Shell and get your car washed. They’ve been in the car wash business for almost four years, and they have experience in car wash and detailing, from less expensive vehicles to supercars like Bugatti, Bentley, and Mercedes Benz, to name a few. They consider the make and build of your car before washing or detailing it, from the sponge they use to wash your car to the cloth they use to wipe it, everything! Plus points that their staff won’t only clean your car but will also socialize and talk to you. They’re open from 6:30 am-6:30 pm; however, if they still have cars left to wash, the staff will finish it, and they are known to be so thorough in handling your car. Their car wash rates are GHC 12 for small cars, GHC 15 for 4x4s, GHC 20 for Range Rovers, and detailing starts at GHC 140. If you have questions regarding their services, you can contact Nicholas by calling 0544865540.


As you may have noticed, getting a regular car wash is almost as important as getting routine oil changes, and there are many reasons to get your car the car wash it needs. This guide gives you as much information as you need to get into doing it, so start adding it to your to-do list and start reaping the benefits. You will not only prolong or protect the lifespan of your car, but you will also do the same to yourself and your loved ones. 


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